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Kitchen Safeguard DKS Dungs

Kitchen Safeguard DKS Dungs
  • These Dungs System Solutions DKS are designed to ensure safe exhaust gas routing for the installation of industrial gas equipment. To prevent the commisioning of gas equipment if the exhaust system does not work properly.
  • DKS are suitable to be used in plants for:
- restaurants
- kitchens
- bakeries
- confectioneries
- butcher shops
- smokehouses
- ripening, drying and washing facilities
  • The system consists of the central control electronics MPA 41xx ECS, gas safety fitting with a ball valve and integrated thermal shut-off devices as well as an air pressure switch to monitor pressure of the exhaust system.

DKS components

  • Control unit MPA 4122 ECS
Control unit MPA 4122 ECS
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- Full automatic program sequence according to the requirements of DVGW worksheet G631 (A).
- Type of protection IP 65.
- Food safe painted metal housing.
- 7 segment Display.
  • Pressure switch LGW A2-7 Klima Set, EN 1634
Differential pressure switch LGW A2-7 Klima Set
- Differential pressure switch for air and flue gases.
- Type of protection: IP 54.
- Inclusive mounting and connection material.
  • Double solenoid valve with ball valve and thermal shut off valve
Double solenoid valve
- Two valves class A acc. EN 161
- Rp 3/8" - Rp 2".
- Type of protection: IP 54.
- Gas pressure switch mountable.

Requirement of the DVGW worksheet G631 (A) March 2012.

Gas appliance type A Gas appliance type B
The exhaust gas evacuation in commercial kitchens must be checked prior to commissioning and ensured during the operation of the gas burners under all operating conditions. In case of continuous operation > 24 h, the effectiveness of the monitoring must be automatically checked at least every 24 h.

Gas system installation in laboratories

Control unit for system leakage tests VPM-LC Dungs
The VPM-LC (Line Check) is an electronic control device for automatic leak testing in laboratories, large-scale catering establishments and process engineering plants. The leakage test is performed before opening a central gas shut-off valve that releases gas supply to several gas-consuming devices.

Prices for Kitchen Safeguard

Code Type Prices without VAT
265973 DKS / 230 VAC / MPA 4122 ECS / Rp 1/2 0.00
264643 DKS / 230 VAC / MPA 4122 ECS / Rp 3/4 0.00
265974 DKS / 230 VAC / MPA 4122 ECS / Rp 1 0.00
270978 DKS / 230 VAC / MPA 4122 ECS / Rp 1 1/2 0.00
270979 DKS / 230 VAC / MPA 4122 ECS / Rp 2 0.00
265809 MPA 4122 / 230 VAC / IP 65 with display 0.00
259146 VPM-LC 230 VAC 0.00
259147 VPM-LC 115 VAC 0.00
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