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Automatic burner control DGAI. 69F Dungs Viessmann for gas burners without fan

Automatic burner control DGAI. 69F Dungs
  • These automatic burner controls DGAI. 69F are suitable for ignition and monitoring gas burners without blower for intermittent operation. They operate during heat request with permanently burning ignition burner at a heat capacity of up to 250 kW and there are specially suited for gas burners whose main flame needs not be monitored constantly according to the ionisation principle.
  • Ionisation flame monitor.
  • Ignition flame burns continuously during heat request.
  • Restart attempt in case of flame failure in operation.
  • Exhaust gas monitor by means of NTC sensor.
  • Program sequence control by means of electronic timers.
  • Burner ignition by means of external ignition facilities.
  • Ignition gas solenoid valve.
  • Main gas solenoid valve.
  • LPG solenoid valve.
  • Classification EN 298 ATRLXN.

Functional description DGAI. 69F

On receipt of a heat request from the regulator, the LPG pre-valve opens. After a startup delay period of about 10 seconds the ignition starts and the ignition gas valve opens. The ignition is switched off by the ignition flame signal, and switches over to the so-called stabilising period during which the ignition flame must burn properly. On expiry of the stabilising period, the main gas valve is opened provided that the flame is present. On flame failure during operation, the main gas valve is closed within 1 second and a re-ignition attempt is performed immediately. If the re-ignition attempt fails, the equipment locks in fault position. When the regulator is switched off the LPG, ignition and main gas valves are switched off. A flame alarm before fuel release blocks startup. When exhaust gas flows from the flow protection relay, the equipment switches off and this is followed by an exhaust gas delay period.
Fault release: By means of an external button.
Exhaust gas switch as per EN 297/VP100
A heat sensor (NTC resistor) monitors the temperature at the draft interrupter. In case of irregular exhaust gas outlet the exhaust gas monitor switches off at approx. 65oC. After switch-off by the exhaust gas monitor, a timer is activated. Its time sequence starts when the exhaust gas sensor cools down to below 55oC. The time sequence is approx. 15 min., the burner remains blocked even after the exhaust gas sensor has cooled down until the time sequence is terminated. The exhaust gas sensor and its lines are monitored for interruption. A short circuit also leads to switch-off in the same way as excessive temperature. The DGAI. 69F therefore operates only with the exhaust gas sensor connected or an appropriate spare resistor (1Ω).

Technical specifications

Type Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Power consumption (VA) Degree of protection Ambient temperature (oC) Weight (kg)
DGAI. 69F 225631 230 VAC 50 5 IP 20 0÷60 0.35

Dimensions DGAI. 69F (mm)

dimensions DGAI. 69F - 1 dimensions DGAI. 69F - 2
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Prices for controls

Code Type Prices without VAT
225631 Automatic burner control DGAI. 69F 0.00
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