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Automatic burner control DGAI. 33F/2 Dungs with waiting time for light from external source

Automatic burner control DGAI. 33F/2Dungs
  • These automatic burner controls DGAI. 33F/2 are designed for ignition control and monitoring for gas burners without fan for intermittent operation with capacities up to 350 kW. Suitable especially for industrial and atmospheric burners.
  • Flame detection by ionization.
  • Program sequence control by electronic timers.
  • Electronic ignition with ignition transformer ZAB 5000/13.
  • Ignition and flame monitoring with common electrode or with separate ignition and ionisation electrodes.
  • Special ambient light behaviour waiting time to prevent false signals related to the flame.
  • Classification EN 298 ATLLXN. Certificates: CE-0085 AR0268.
  • Remote reset.
  • Note: This series is no longer part of the Dungs main product line.

Functional description DGAI. 33F/2

When the regulator receives a heat request, voltage is applied to the ignition transformer and the starting gas solenoid valve. If a flame occurs when the regulator is switched on, the equipment switches to waiting position for 30 seconds. If the flame signal extinguishes within 30 seconds, the equipment starts. The igniters switches off 0.5 seconds before the safety time (SZA) ends. The main gas valve is released after 5 seconds. If no flame is generated during the safety interval of 5 seconds (SZA), fault interlock is performed. On flame loss during operation, the gas valve is switched off within 1 second (SZB).
Fault release: by means of an integrated button or externally via NOC from terminal 1 to N.
Fuses: external protection of automatic burner control using a 6.3 A medium time-lag back-up fuse or 10 A fast back-up fuse.

Technical specifications

Type Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Power consumption (VA) Degree of prot. Ambient temp. (oC) Safety interval start SZA (s) Waiting time light external source FWZ (s)
DGAI. 33F/2 211520 230 VAC 50 5 IP 40 0÷60 <5 30
DGAI. 33F/2 214164

Dimensions DGAI. 33F/2 (mm)

Automatic burner control DGAI. 33F/2
dimensions DGAI. 33F/2 - 1 dimensions DGAI. 33F/2 - 2


Ignition transformer ZAB 5000/13
dimensions ZAB 5000/13 - 1 dimensions ZAB 5000/13 - 2
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Prices for controls

Code Type Prices without VAT
211520 Automatic burner control DGAI. 33F/2 0.00
214164 Automatic burner control DGAI. 33F/2 0.00
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