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Automatic burner control system BCS 300 Dungs for oil and gas

Automatic burner control BCS 300 Dungs
  • These automatic burner controls BCS 300 are a system for open and closed loop control of oil, gas and dual-fuel burners with medium to high output. It consists of multiple distributed units which intercommunicate via a safety-oriented bus system:
- Flame monitoring device that can incorporate various flame sensors: ionization, UV, photoresistor, 2 contact inputs.
- Hand-held programmer that has a 4 line LCD on which information on the status of the burner control system can be displayed. Password-protected for parameters changing.
- Actuator SAD 15.
- Remote control via internet on the FTP server.
  • The BCS-300 can be connected by means of different gateways to superordinate control systems or other external control and surveillance systems.
  • Six different applications programs can be selected depending on required application: operation with pilot valve upstream of the safety valve and the main valve; operation with pilot valve between the safety valve and the main valve; operation with or without valve proving system, with or without pilot valve.
  • Integrated controller that responds to a signal from 4 to 20 mA.
  • Integrated valve proving system with an additional pressure switch.
  • Note: This series is no longer part of the Dungs main product line.

Schematic diagram of the oil and gas burner system

Schematic diagram BCS 300
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Legend schematic BCS 300
DMV Double solenoid valve M Blower motor OilW Oil pressure switch
FRS Gas pressure control Oil-D Nozzle linkage valve PT Controller
GF Gas filter OilP Oil pump UV Flame sensor
KH Ball valve OilV Oil supply line ST-Gas Gas damper actuator
GW min Min. gas pressure switch Oil-VL Oil solenoid valve supply line ST-Oil Oil control valve actuator
GW max Max. gas pressure switch Oil-RL Oil solenoid valve return line Z-MV Ignition gas solenoid valve
LGW Air pressure switch OilR Oil return line ZT Ignition transformer

Technical specifications

Type Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Degree of protection Ambient temperature (oC) Electrical switching cycles Mechanical switching cycles
BCS 300 230609 230 VAC 50/60 IP 40 0÷60 as per EN 298 as per EN 298

Dimensions BCS 300 (mm)

dimensions BCS 300 - 1 dimensions BCS 300 - 2

BCS-EM1 for O2 control

O2 probe is fail-safe and suitable for continuous duty in combination with the BCS System. No reference gas required. Long service life of the probe (>2 years). The control parameters can be switched on and off separately for each fuel type. Simple regulation at burner start-up. Continuous digital display of O2 measured value and O2 optimization status.


Control BCS-EM1 O2


Advantages for the operation of a system with O2 control (optimization):
- The O2 exhaust gas measuring probe is fail-safe and suitable for continuous duty in combination with the BCS System.
- The optimization function adjusts the O2 value specific to burner capacity and without a limiting curve, until the reference value equals the actual value.
- Manipulated variable adjustment is only limited by the range limits of the actuator but not by prescribed limit bands.
- The probe requires no reference gas.
- Weather-related interference is compensated, thereby achieving an improvement in burner efficiency.
- Incomplete combustion due to effects of temperature is impossible.
- Fuel consumption is reduced as the burner can be regulated with significantly less excess air.

BCS-EM1 for speed control

Control BCS-EM1 speed
Advantages for the operation of a system with speed control:
- Reduction of sound emission (no sound insulation is required in some cases).
- Speed supervision in every load range.
- Considerable savings in electrical energy (up to a factor of 0.5).
- The control range of the burner is extended by precise adaptation of the combustion air to the burner control system.
- Soft starting greatly reduces mechanical stress on the motor and fan impeller
- Simplification and improvement of air-side burner adjustment.
- Improved adaptability of the burner within its operating area of the existing system constellation.

Prices for controls

Code Type Prices without VAT
230609 Automatic burner control BCS 300 0.00
230612 Display BCS-ABM 0.00
230611 Flame monitor BCS-FLW 0.00
230253 Actuator SAD 15.0 0.00
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