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Automatic burner control DGAI. 27F/3 Dungs with ignition control for gas burners without blower

Automatic burner control DGAI. 27F/3 Dungs
  • These automatic burner controls DGAI. 27F/3 are designed for ignition control for gas burners without fan.
  • Flame detection by ionization.
  • Program sequence control by electronic timers.
  • Electronic ignition with ignition transformer DZÜ 2.
  • Ignition and flame monitoring with common electrode or with separate ignition and ionisation.
  • Classification EN 298 ATLLXN.

Functional description DGAI. 27F/3

When the regulator receives a heat request, voltage is applied to the gas solenoid valve and the ignition control generates sparks via the DZÜ 2 ignition transformer. The ignition switches off immediately on receipt of the flame message, the starting gas solenoid valve remains open. If no flame is generated during the safety interval of 5 seconds (SZA), fault interlock is performed. If a flame occurs when the regulator is switched on, the program sequence is blocked . On flame loss during operation, the gas valve is switched off within 1 second (SZB).
Fault release: By means of an integrated button or externally via NOC from terminal 2 to 8.
Ignition and flame detection using DZU 2
The ignition control system is integrated on the PCB. Approximately 5 ignition sparks are created per second at 200 V by capacitor discharge via a thyristor on the primary coil of the ignition transformer. This is increased to 10-15 kV by the ignition transformer. Plug the DZU 2 directly into the electrode which carries out ignition and flame detection. Due to the direct connection between the ignition transformer and the ignition electrode, no high-voltage cable is required. Line loss and radio interference are minimized. The DGAI. 27F/3 can be operated with separated ignition and monitoring electrodes for end-point monitoring. Tie the black wire of DZU 2 to ground and connect the monitoring electrode to terminal 9.
Fuses: External protection of automatic burner control using a 6.3 medium time-lag back-up fuse or 10 A fast back-up fuse.

Technical specifications

Type Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Power consumption (VA) Degree of protection Ambient temperature (oC) Safety interval start (s)
DGAI. 27F/3 146550 24VAC 50 5 IP 40 0÷60 <5

Dimensions DGAI. 27F/3 (mm)

Automatic burner control DGAI. 27F/3
dimensions DGAI. 27F/3 - 1 dimensions DGAI. 27F/3 - 2


Ignition transformer DZU2
dimensions DZU2
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Prices for controls

Code Type Prices without VAT
146550 Automatic burner control DGAI. 27F/3 0.00
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