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Pressure switch GW A3 Dungs for gas, air, flue gases, combustion products

Pressure switch GW A3 Dungs
  • These pressure switches GW A3 are designed for Dungs multiple actuators in gas shortage systems and is directly mountable by O-ring flange.
  • Suitable for closing, opening or switching over a current circuit when the actual pressure value deviates from the specified pressure setpoint. The specified pressure setpoint (operating point) is factory-set.
  • They can be paired with MB GasMultiBloc, double solenoid valves DMV or pressure regulators FRI.
  • The GW A3 has a flat construction, therefore is specially designed as an integrated unit.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 mbar, setting ranges between 1÷100 mbar. Ambient and medium temperature -15÷70oC, storage temperature -30÷80oC.
  • Switching voltage: DC 24÷48 V; AC 24÷250 V. Nominal current: DC 20 mA; AC 6 A.
  • The installation position can change the switching pressure with up to 0.4 mbar.
  • Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media, as well as air, flue gases and combustion products.
  • Note: This series is no longer part of the Dungs main product line.

Functional description GW A3:

Pressure switch for applications involving excess pressure. The excess pressure compared to the atmopsheric pressure acts via the diaphragm against the force of the setting spring on the micro-switch. The switching mechanism reacts to overpressure and closes, opens or switches over a current circuit when the specified pressure setpoint is overshot or undershot. It operates without any auxiliary power.

Technical specifications GW A3 pressure switches

Pressure switch type Code Setting range (mbar) pmax (mbar) Degree of protection Δp (mbar) Medium p(+)
Gas pressure switch GW 10 A3 on request 1 ÷ 10 150 IP 00/20/42 ≤1 gas
Gas pressure switch GW 50 A3 on request 2.5 ÷ 50 ≤2.5
Gas pressure switch GW 100 A3 on request 20 ÷ 100 ≤8

Dimensions GW A3 (mm)

Pressure switches for gas and air GW A3:
dimensions GW A3-1 dimensions GW A3-2 dimensions GW A3-3
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Prices pressure switches GW A3

Code Type Prices without VAT
on request Pressure switch GW 10 A3 0.00
on request Pressure switch GW 50 A3 0.00
on request Pressure switch GW 100 A3 0.00
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