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Automatic burner control DGAU. 09/2 Dungs with UV scanner

Automatic burner control DGAU. 09/2 Dungs
  • These automatic burner controls DGAU. 09/2 are designed for ignition control and monitoring for gas burners without fan and with ignition gas valve, for intermittent operation with unlimited capacity.
  • Flame monitor with a UV detector.
  • Program sequence control by electronic timers.
  • Electronic ignition with ignition transformer ZAB 5000/13.
  • Classification EN 298 AILLXN.
  • Note: This series is no longer part of the Dungs main product line.

Functional description DGAI. 09/2

When the regulator receives a heat request, voltage is applied to the ignition transformer and the ignition gas valve. If a flame occurs when the regulator is switched on, the program sequences is is blocked. Ignition transformer and ignition gas valve will be switched off after the safety interval period (SZA). If no flame is generated during the safety interval (SZA) of 10 seconds fault interlock is performed. On flame loss during operation, the gas valve is switched off within 1 second (SZB).
Fault release: by means of an integrated button.
Caution: The UV diode responds to the ignition spark. Therefore it has to be aligned so that only the ignition and main flames are signalled. Clean the UV diode at regular intervals to ensure proper functioning. For safety reasons, replace the UV diodes after approx. 8000 operating hours.
U.V. flame detector
The UV diodes used are sensitive interrupter tubes responding to UV radiation and standard filament and fluorescent lamps. The stable system design of the interrupter tubes ensures high mechanical resistance. They can be operated at ambient temperature of -20÷100oC. The greatest sensitivity can be achieved when UV radiation emanating from the flame impinges laterally in the radiation sensitive zone of the UV diode. The UV flame sensor is optimally positioned by measuring the UV current. For fault-free operations, a sufficiently large current (approx 2 mA) must flow through the UV diode. The distance between the flame and the UV sensor can be about 300-500 mm.

Technical specifications

Type Code Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Power consumption (VA) Degree of protection Ambient temperature (oC) Safety interval start (s)
DGAU. 09/2 214735 230 VAC 50 5 IP 40 0÷60 <10
DGAU. 09 067645

Dimensions DGAU. 09 (mm)

Automatic burner control DGAU. 09/2
dimensions DGAU. 09/2 - 1 dimensions DGAU. 09/2 - 2


Flame monitor UV 4
dimensions UV 4
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Prices for controls

Code Type Prices without VAT
214735 Automatic burner control DGAU. 09/2 0.00
067645 Automatic burner control DGAU. 09 0.00
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