Test burner PB 2 Dungs

Test burner PB2
  • These accessories PB2 are built with push button cock and are flashback-proof.
  • By pressing the button of a DKH valve the gas supply is released. The gas flow takes the required air in through the hole in the burner tube. The gas-air mixture is fed to the burner head and manually ignited at the outlet opening. The gas supply remains open when the push-button is pressed and immediately interrupted after the pushbutton is released.
  • The universal gas test burner is used in firing systems for steam boilers and for venting gas regulator trains.
  • The gas testers are required in compliance with the requirements of TRD 412 (5.95).
  • The PB2 is suitable for gases of families 1, 2 and 3.
  • Approval: DG-4514CO0300.

Technical specifications PB 2 burner

Burner series Connection pmax (mbar) pmax DKH (bar) pmin (mbar) Temperature (oC) Voltage Installation position
PB 2 - natural gas Rp 1/2 500 5 0.5 -15÷75 230 V AC vertically upright
PB 2 - town gas Rp 1/2 500 5 0.5 -15÷75 230 V AC
PB 2 - LPG Rp 1/2 500 5 0.5 -15÷75 230 V AC

Dimensions test burners PB 2 (mm)

dimensions PB2
2a - nozzle for town gas series.
2b - nozzle for LPG series.


Code Type Prices without VAT
087478 Test burner PB2 - Natural gas 0.00
178970 Test burner PB 2 - Town gas 0.00
196640 Test burner PB 2 - LPG 0.00
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